Holland & Barrett Introduces Pip & Pod, New Superfood-infused Skincare Range

UK wellness leader Holland & Barrett has unveiled Pip & Pod, the first skincare range powered by superfoods. It aims to serve as a ‘five-a-day’ for your skin, offering natural, nourishing, and sustainable skincare in a simple, affordable, and deliciously colourful product set.

This a brand with a character that skincare lovers will immediately love. It offers a vibrant addition to the personal self-care portfolio, and while the packaging, scents, and names may not look too serious, you can be sure the contents pack a powerful punch.

Formulated and backed by vitamin, nutrition, and conscious beauty experts, the Pip & Pod range consists of eleven products that target each step of the daily routine, each harnessing a power of superfoods. The idea is that customers can curate a regime best suited to their individual needs, choosing items from scrubs, cleansers, and glow drops to serums, masks, and facial mists.

Extracts of cucumber, mint, and kale provide a naturally rich vitamin C and E formulation to nourish and protect skin.

The hydrating Blueberry Tonic Face Mist (£9 for 80ml) is a standout for us. The formulation is effective, and leaves no stickiness or residue as some other similar mists. It’s multipurpose – it can be used as a moisturiser to enhance the skin’s natural radiance, a toning spray to leave skin super cool and refreshed, and as a toner that can be wiped away with cotton after cleansing. In any use, the effects are long-lasting, including the subtle fresh blueberry smell that remains long after the initial application. The fact that it can be used throughout the day is also a great bonus, offering a subtle dose of luxury in an otherwise standard day.

Blueberry extract, a natural source of antioxidants, leaves skin feeling fresh and flowing, while kiwi provides a dose of complextion-boosting vitamin C.

The Kakadu Plum Eye Cream (£10 for 15ml) is also worth a mention. The light-weight cream is rich in moisture, and packed with vitamin C, antitxidants, and turmeric root extract that helps to improve signs of eye fatigue. Serving to hydrate, smooth, and firm the skin, this is a fantastic intermediate product for those starting to think about anti-ageing solutions but that aren’t quite at the stage of introducing them to their daily routine.

The Kakadu Plum, known to be the highest natural source of vitamin C in the world.

The range is also aptly cross-generational. While colourful creams and sweet fruity scents are usually targeted at a younger audience looking for a creative entry point into the world of everyday skincare, this range is aptly cross-generational. Pip & Pod was developed with the younger eco-conscious consumer in mind, but the formulations serve to benefit all demographics, tackling from Gen-Z explorers to the 30’s seeking high-performing products with a fun, creative twist.

The Berry Blitz Smoothie Mask smells incredible, containing cherry seed and raspberry oil to hydrate, smooth, and clear skin with the powers of vitamins A and C.

The brand is vegan, cruelty-free, and comes in recyclable packaging, ethically sourcing all its ingredients too. Uniquely impressive is the sourcing of the kiwi and raspberry seeds used in a selection of the products. They come directly from factories and commercial hubs that would have otherwise disposed of them, ensuring freshness in the ingredients, as well as taking another step to reduce waste and make a positive difference.

Pip & Pod tackles the 'chore' of multi-step routines by adding a slice of super nutritious fun to high-performance.

Prices range from £9 to £12, making the range one of the most affordable options on the high-street – and indeed one of the most accessible. And in a scene that tends to charge a premium for simultaneous high performance and eco-consciousness, this is a brand that has the potential to make true waves.

The Pip & Pod range is now available to shop across most Holland & Barrett stores, and on Holland & Barrett online here.




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