Nutella’s Happy Portion Parlour Is Coming to Greek Street

From Thursday 25th August until Saturday 27th August, Nutella will be showcasing the endless potential of their iconic spread with the launch of its pop-up experience, the ‘Happy Portion Parlour’ in Soho London. And what’s more, it’s all free.

When it comes to Nutella, self-control feel like a mythical concept – but the pop up’s delicious dishes will be showcasing the creative ways in which a single portion size of Nutella (one heaped teaspoon, 15g) can be used in breakfast dishes, helping to inspire fans to try different ways of enjoying Nutella - tailored to suit them.

The Parlour will be concocting a variety of breakfast classics, as well as dishes with a contemporary twist, all served with a portion of the nation’s favourite chocolate spread. So whether it’s a pancake or a peach melba kind of morning, or whether you’re after a blueberry or ricotta & fig mid-afternoon snack, Nutella has you covered.

* 26/8 update: if you haven’t managed to grab yourself a ticket and you find yourself in the area, do pop down, as there are a limited amount of walk-in slots throughout the day – perfect for your optimally portioned chocolate fix!

The Happy Portion Parlour will be open from 25th August 2022 located in Greek Street, London. Opening times are 10am-3pm on Thursday and 9am – 3pm on Friday and Saturday. Book via the link here.



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