Australian Cosmeceutical Brand Synergie Skin Launches In UK With ‘Clean Science’ Philosophy

Synergie Skin will be no stranger to Australian readers. A market leader in the other hemisphere, it has sailed to success with founder, cosmetic chemist, and self-confessed ‘science nerd’ Terri Vinson at its helms. It now lands in the UK, ready to shake up what we know to be fact (and indeed what we deem to be myth) about all things skincare.

For over 15 years, Terri and her team have been formulating result-driven skincare backed by her unique Clean Science concept. It effectively guarantees that nothing takes a single step forward, firstly without support by clinical data, and secondly without being supercharged with the maximum dosage of active ingredients – amongst a number of other values. It offers professional-grade skincare with exceptional evidence-based solutions with skin quality and longevity as its north star.

The story began in a small clinic in Melbourne. Growing up in the 70s, where the idea of a female scientist was foreign to the world, Terri was fortunate to have the full support and encouragement from a feminist father and great teachers to pursue her dream and live up to her potential. She saved up money from a job at another skincare clinic, and invested it all into opening her own. Starting as a cult following, she sold products to her own clients who were able to provide honest – and sometimes brutal – feedback, which enabled her to develop and build up the Synergie Skin empire with its humble roots at heart.

Interestingly, her starting products remain as some of the best-selling products even today, proving that strong science always comes out on top.

Other than cutting-edge solutions, Synergie Skin also aims to deliver education – and that includes cutting through hype and fearmongering and debunking industry myths. Listening to Terri speak is refreshing. She speaks with passion, but it’s the clarity in reason and constant references to statistically sound numbers and official published papers that proves that she is more than a charismatic comsumer-pleaser. She isn’t afraid to ruffle a few industry feathers.

This circles perfectly back to Synergie Skin’s Clean Science. Other than the principle that science and nature can exist in synergy, it also emphasises that ‘natural’ is not always ideal, in spite of what the contemporary beauty industry advocates so powerfully. Synthetic is often a better alternative (backed with statistics, of course), and Terri considers hinging a brand message on the virtues of natural vs chemical as pseudo-science. Embracing transparency and clarity over fake science is a priority, and beauty and cosmetics companies should be held accountable and walk the talk without ‘greenwashing’ and virtue-signalling.

Synergie Skin considers 5 essentials for great skin:

  • Vitamin A – or retinoid in chemical form - is seen as the ultimate skin regulator. It regulates epidermal turnover, reduces inflammation, reverses photo-ageing, stimulates collagen production, and regulated oil and irregular pigmentation.

    Ultimate A (£94) is a stabilised retinol with moderate potency and low irritation profile, making it perfect as a serum for new users or those with sensitive skin.
  • Vitamin B3 – or niacinamide – is all about fortifying the skin’s barrier. It increases ceramide production to reduce water loss, decreases inflammation, oil, and pigmentation, and increases skin immunity and collagen to minimise fine lines and wrinkles.

    Vitamin B Serum (£85) offers an award-winning formula with 13% niacinamide, and is suitable for all skin types and conditions.

  • Vitamin C is the key to cell protection. The powerful antioxidant protects cells from free radical and solar damage, stimulates collagen production for firmer skin, provides a potent anti-inflammatory, and reduces sun and age spots.

    Effica C (£84), suitable for sensitive skin, is a rapidly absorbing, non-acidic serum with a biocompatible formula that provides gentle and targeted penetration for maximum results.

  • Prebiotics deliver a nutritional source for good skin bacteria, improving the skin barrier and inhibiting bad bacteria growth, while probiotics and postbiotics provide the optimal environment for many cell processes. The latter also relieves symptoms of skin stress, sensitivity, redness, irritation, and environmental damage, as well as dermal damage to collagen and elastin.

    Dermiotic (£52) is a pre-serum elixir with both a prebiotic and probiotic complex, balancing and restoring the microbiome and offering a calming water-like essence that make it an excellent alternative to traditional alcohol-containing toners.
  • Zinc is an absolute must. Zinc oxide acts as a physical sunscreen, making it the top anti-ageing product, offering broad spectrum protection (UVA with ageing rays and UVB with burning rays). There’s no absorption into the bloodstream, it naturally occurs in wound healing, and acts as both an anti-inflammatory and as an anti-irritant.

    UberZinc (£81) offers SPF 15 in a non-greasy, non-chalky formula with 21% zinc oxide. It is a 2-in-1 moisturiser with physical and mineral solar protection, and has the added plus of being environmentally friendly and coral reef safe.

Other than a strong-principled scientifically-minded founder, Terri has also authored ‘Skinformation’, a ground-breaking beauty book that breaks down the science behind essential ingredients and skin biology. It is brand-agnostic, with not one mention of Synergie, focussing instead on a wide range of topics presented in an easily digestible manner that reads like a reference book. We can vouch for its accessibility – and judging by the fact that 25% of Synergie customers are male, this is an exceptionally informative read for all demographics.

There’s much more that is almost ready to launch in the UK pipeline, including an award-winning LumiBalance Facial Oil and a ReClaim moisturiser with Lapacho ‘tree of life’ extract. But if you’re looking for the best entry point, the Cult Classics collection (£262, but valued at £393) would be our recommendation. It offers the fundamentals for radiant and healthy skin, and the daily essentials that your future face will thank you for.


The range is now available to explore on site from the UK at Synergie Skin.




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