John Bell & Croyden: 8 Brands to Look Out For at London’s favourite Luxury Beauty, Health and Wellbeing Emporium

John Bell & Croyden really does need no introduction. Londoners will know its Wigmore Street home well, having aided the city’s residents in sourcing luxury beauty, health, and wellbeing products easily since 1798. With expert buyers with astute knowledge of both the industry and the skill to mine the gold from a cluttered industry, we took a look at some highlights from the pharmacy’s latest portfolio.


VerdiLab Cosmetics has mastered the combination of high-tech formulas and 100% natural ingredients, proving that the properties are not only possible, but also safe and powerfully effective. The brand is the first 100% natural Swiss skincare company. Its heart lies in its cutting edge, patent-pending Signature Complex, born from 50 years of scientific research. Products include cleansers and exfoliators, eye care, masks, and moisture creams, serums, and concentrates. And it’s all incredible.

The Illuminating Micro Exfoliating Mask (£74) is a real game changer in professional cleansing and exfoliation. The innovative, botanically-charged purifying treatment combines physical exfoliation with enzymatic exfoliation to clean, rebalance, and renewing the skin, leaving it a phenomenal glow.

Margaret Dabbs

Any pedicure fanatic will vouch for this industry leader. With an array of clinics scattered all across the UK, with locations spanning from prime real estate such as Harrods and Liberty to standalone hubs in Marylebone, Margaret Dabbs has accomplished global recognition for fusing the best of medical science and podiatry with the best of beauty. The results? Unrivalled luxurious treatments and retail products for feet, hands, and legs.

The Firming Leg Serum (£45) is worth a spotlight. The powerful formulation contains Legance™, reducing water retention and firming the skin, while diminishing the appearance of cellulite. The lightweight, anti-ageing serum gives an instant cooling, energising, and illuminating effect from first application.


Since its release to the commercial market, Horace has had our attention. Marketed as ‘grooming essentials for guys’, the brand celebrates and encourages men to pay attention to their skin and indulge in luxurious, high performing products traditionally targeted at females. Horace embraces the modern era of man, and innovates efficient, natural, great design and accessible products with men in mind – from face and body to hair and mouth.

The Purifying Face Cleanser (£14.50) is a great starting point in the Horace collection, working to gently purify skin and regulate sebum, without pulling or drying out.


Born in New Zealand, Tahi has made its way over to the UK to share the fruits of the family beekeeping business. The brand has deep-rooted origins, with its first records existing back in 1888, and has developed as a guardian of the land (kaitiaki in Māori). It aims to restore and reawaken the land, bring nature back into balance, and preserve Tahi’s rich ecological and cultural heritage. The brand breathes simplicity and unity, developing fully traceable honey free from GMOs and GEs, sugars, waters, and chemicals – just as nature intended. And it tastes just heavenly.

Taki Kanuka Honey (£24) offers deeply aromatic notes with a sweet, crisp, and delicately floral taste/ The honey is smooth in texture, with a slightly lighter colour, and hides a hint of butterscotch flavour.

Noble Isle

This gorgeously elegant brand has become a true favourite. Made in the UK, its inspiration comes from the rich natural and cultural heritage of the British Isles. There are 12 fragrance collections, with each offering products including hand washes and lotions, shampoos and conditioners, bubble baths and shower gels, body lotions and scrubs, and candles and reed diffusers.

The Tea Rose Hand Lotion (£22) is an essential for all bathrooms and bedrooms. The charming cream contains black tea and rose petal extracts that contains precious natural oils that lock in moisture to protect and soften hands. The sophisticated scent stems from the British ritual of afternoon tea – “a pause, a pleasure, a punctuation mark in the day’s affairs”. We can’t get enough of it!

Revive Active

If it’s a partner in premium health and wellbeing you’re after, you need not look any further. Revive Active has grown into one of the leading health supplement brands across the globe, with its cutting-edge research teams and vision to change lives by reducing illness and encouraging a healthier lifestyle. It is made up of a range of supplements that target different concerns, such as joints, mind, and heart. The brand is held in high esteem – and in this case, the hype is very much worth believing.

Beauty Complex (£50) is a powdered super supplement with 8 active ingredients that focus on skin, hair, and nails. It’s enriched with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, phytoceramides, an biotin, and delivers a powerhouse of goodness in a simple addition to any daily routine.


Balmain introduced its Care and Styling for Hair Couture in 2013, and it has remained a permanent component of the kits of all haircare fans. Its origins being in luxury fashion, Balmain’s product ranges are as stylish as they are effective. There’s styling tools and hair accessories amongst top quality brushes and haircare staples, with the consistency of immaculate presentation across the range. The brand itself is quite a statement, and the newest products in the already rich portfolio absolutely do not disappoint.

The Silk Perfume (£30.25) is incredible for detangling and repairing damaged hair, providing long lasting, brilliant shine and protection against external damage. Its infused with pure luxurious Argan oil, and is specially formulated to leave behind a lightweight silky finish – ready for any red carpet moment!

Noble Panacea

This is one to stay tuned for. Founded by the Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart, the brand ethos revolves around scientific discoveries and innovation (such as the brand’s patented OSMVTM Technology) should be shared in order to impact people’s lives for the better – and this involves feeling great in one’s own skin today and beyond. Ultimately, Noble Panacea means ‘a universal cure of moral excellence’ and through this commitment, products are crafted to lift the spirits and empower people to embrace their most authentic natural beauty for a pure expression of self.

With excited whispers already widespread in the beauty industry, we are keeping a very keen eye on what’s to come from Noble Panacea.


You can find John Bell & Croyden and its incredible product selection both online and at 50-54 Wigmore St, London W1U 2AU, between 09:30 and 20:00 from Monday to Friday, until 19:00 on Saturdays, and between 12:00 and 18:00 on Sunday.




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