Vichy Pushes Further Ahead of the Curve with New Neovadiol Multi-Corrective Eye & Lip Care

Vichy releases a new targeted Neovadiol product for eye and lip contours, aiming to combat visible signs of ageing that surface during peri and post menopause due to fragile skin. With over 20 years of expertise in skin at menopause, the dedicated product proves to be a powerhouse of ingredients that can address the missing pieces in the menopausal skincare protocol.

If you recall our Honest Conversations with Vichy spotlight at the end of last year, you will know that we, along with the rest of the world, are staunch supporters of the brand. Since 1992, Vichy has been at the trusted forefront of all things skin science, with over 20 ears of scientific research in it specifically around menopause.

As always, Vichy is again using its leading position to educate, reassure, and develop products for all affected by life's natural changes at this time. While skincare is often addressed across many industries, menopausal symptoms receive noticeably less attention, in spite of having a more significant impact on women’s quality of life. In fact, 72% of menopausal woman reported changes in their skin, with 50% insufficiently informed about how to manage their symptoms.

Dermocosmetic ingredients such as Proxylane, Cassia extract, Hyaluronic acid can significantly compensate skin ageing signs due to hormonal changes. Vichy’s new Neovadiol Multi-Corrective Eye & Lip Care combines firming duo Proxylane and Cassia extract with Caffeine, Omegas 3-6-9, and Niacinamide, to target these areas with increasingly fragile skin.

Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control, women reported a 47% increase in firmness, a whopping 87% increase in tonicity, and a 17% reduction in dark circles – one of the greatest skincare concerns in the 40+ bracket.

The new product is intended to compliment Vichy’s existing Neovadiol products, with the Plumping Day Cream targeting signs of ageing caused by hormone depletion such as loss of firmness, density, and elasticity, and the Revitalizing Night Cream tackling skin dehydration caused by hot flushes through a decrease of skin temperature and the prevention of a decrease in collagen production.

Part of Vichy’s unique position as a market leader and scientifically credible voice ensures that the products remain approachable and accessible. The Neovadiol Day and Night creams remain priced at £32 and the first-step Reactive Meni 5 Bi-Serum at £39, while the new Eye & Lip care sits at £28.

Vichy’s constant developments and industry-breaking innovations in this space provide reassurance to hundreds of thousands of women across the world that depend on the products for confidence, comfort, and most importantly, physical results. And with their constant partnership with dermatologists and gynaecologists in each step, Vichy ensures that its peri-menopause mission remains with its customers at heart and their personal successes as the goal.


You can find products across the range at pharmacies and leading high street stores such as Boots, or you can find your nearest retailer directly from Vichy.




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