Skin in Motion Delivers Confidence-Boosting Skincare & Makeup for Active Wellness Lovers

The festive season may be over, but the essence of gifting certainly isn’t – especially when it coincides so fittingly with the season of resolutions and self-care. Skin in Motion has perfected its unique skincare and makeup formulations for exercise and those with active lives, boosting confidence to stay or get active no matter what stage of life.

Say hello to Skin in Motion’s Full Makeup Glow gift set.

Containing the award-winning make-up formulated to stay put as well as be healthy and enhancing for the skin, it comes along with a set of Skin in Motion’s brand new bespoke designed make-up brushes, bag for life gym pouch, and hook that fits onto the award winning lip balm so it can’t be lost! The bundle offers an incredible £45 saving in its ready-to-wrap set, and with it, a priceless boost of wellness confidence to start 2023 with.

Here are the highlights from the gift set:

WORK IT Tinted Moisturiser:

A product hailed by Rosie Nixon (Editor in Chief of Hello! Magazine) as “the best tinted moisturizer” she has tried, it also wins our set highlight award, its flawless sheer and buildable coverage offering amazing long-wear for the face. It builds a dewey, all-day, naturally radiant look in a lightweight, breathable and sweat-proof recipe. It’s also non-comedogenic, keeping pores clear and reducing the risk of inflammation, breakouts and congestion, and is also infused with both protective antioxidants and hydrating Argan Oil. There’s 4 simple shades to choose from, from lightest tones to dark black complexions, working effectively across them all.

BLEND IT Concealer:

The easy-to-apply concealer is packed with Vitamin E, and is great for a little extra coverage or a light touch to hide blemishes when exercising or on the go. Its effortless effectiveness makes this a great candidate for a handbag or gym bag staple, but you don’t have to take our word for it – even Natalie Imbruglia advocates its status as “the best concealer”!

PLUMP IT SPF 30 Lip balm with hook:

This lightweight Lip Balm is an absolute powerhouse for a deeply hydrated, healthy, and protected pout. Enriched with a unique blend of natural oils and Shea Butter, it provides superior nourishment and beautifully repairs chapped or dry lips. Meanwhile the SPF30 is element protecting, from work to work-out, and its advanced hyaluronate technology combined with a sheer pinky tint provides a long-term plumping effect.

LIFT IT Waterproof Mascara

A stunning false-lash effect for workouts has been almost unheard of – until now. This waterproof mascara impressively lengthens and lifts, while locking in colour and shape, through a full sweaty yoga session or a well-deserved night out alike. Appearing on the 20 Best Buys for Eyes in The Times, this one’s a real show-stopper.

Of course, on top of these beauty treats, there’s also 2 superb makeup brushes, new to the Skin in Motion, designed for use with the tinted moisturiser and concealer, and also a Bag for Life Gym Pouch to finish off the set.

Founded by celebrity make-up artist and fitness lover, Gia Mills, Skin in Motion delivers a range of sweat-proof, breathable and hydrating make-up and skincare products that provide long-lasting coverage for all stages in life, when exercising or holidaying – excellent for any skin, teenage to midlife.

Image: Skin in Motion

Entrepreneur and fitness lover, Gia understands how life is always in motion, how our skin is always in motion - how we are always in motion.  On discovering that 75% of women (as recorded in Sports England survey) are put off exercise for fear of being judged over their appearance, Gia is striving to change that and empower women to maintain an active lifestyle. Utilising her years of experience as a globally renowned make-up artist, Gia teamed up with award-winning cosmetic chemists to develop a range of quality, active beauty skincare and make-up that would stay put, no matter what the day brings - fitness classes, hormonal hot flushes or beach holidays.


Skin in Motion embodies all things beauty, self-care, and self-confidence - and fantastic value. It’s the perfect way to boost yourself into a new year of success and wellbeing. Shop all things Skin in Motion, including the Full Makeup Glow Gift Set, right here.




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