Activia, is a yoghurt brand by Danone that is all about happy guts and is now launching a ‘What the Gut?Museum in partnership with Dr Zoe Williams, a leading media doctor.

The museum will offer visitors an interactive, immersive and highly visual experience with an important educational aspect.


A recent consumer research conducted by Activia reveals a serious lack of understanding and confusion when it comes to what the gut’s role is, how it functions and how we can look after it – with 82 per cent of adults agreeing it’s important to look after this part of the body, but fewer than half (47 per cent) are confident they know how to. This lack of clarity amongst consumers is one of the main reasons why Activia is launching its ‘What the Gut?’ Museum, in a bid to demystify the gut and champion the importance of gut health for all.


Expect a truly gut-inspired abstract experience as you start your journey by walking through a mouth-shaped entrance. Follow through key components that make up the gut, including the oesophagus, stomach and intestines. From there, you get to walk through two distinct rooms – the first will educate us on the amazing connections the gut has to the rest of the body such as mind and mood, and in the final space, we get to hear from Dr Zoe how to give our gut that vital TLC.




  1. Gut Feels– designed to educate people on what constitutes the gut, what it does and how it works


Ever wondered about the journey that food takes after it’s entered the mouth? Well wonder no more. After travelling down the oesophagus, visitors will enter the stomach and will then continue their journey through the intestines, feeling the villi-style abstract display on the walls and listening to realistic gut-style sounds. This Gut Feels space allows people to see and feel what these amazing organs are like, with their knowledge bolstered by weird and wonderful gut facts on the walls.


  1. Gut Connections – showing the significant connections and impact that the gut has on the rest of the body and overall health


Did you know that the gut is considered to be the “second brain”?[i] It is connected with the brain both physically through nerves, and chemically through chemical signals, which can travel between the two via the bloodstream. In the Gut Connections room, visitors will learn about the amazing connections that the gut has to the rest of the body, through a visually impactful installation. Each part leads to a different area of the wall where guests can learn how it affects: brain health, mood, energy and digestion.



  1. Gut TLC – an educational experience on how to look after your gut


Only when we’re equipped with the knowledge, can we truly look after our gut. So, in this final space, visitors will learn all about how best to look after their gut – from nutrition, to sleep, movement and relationships. This will all be relayed to visitors through informative nuggets displayed on the walls as well as via a video packed with insights and tips from Dr Zoe Williams. Plus, there will be Activia for visitors to try!


Dr Zoe Williams comments:

“The gut is such an important part of our body and does so much more than digestion, it has many amazing connections which impact different facets of our health. However, research has revealed a huge information gap when it comes to the gut. Looking after it is fundamental and the ‘What the Gut?’ museum provides an immersive way to learn more. Knowledge is power, and so the more we know, the more we can look after our guts, and live healthier, happier lives.”


Activia champions you to Fill Your Gut with Life to the Fullest.


When: 15 February 2023, 9am - 5:30pm

Where: 59 Greek Street London W1D 3DZ

Tickets: Free to the public and available here

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