DROWSY Sleep Co Adds Blue Belle to Transformative Cult Sleep Mask Range

As the footnote from DROWSY reminds you, “check what year it is when you wake up.”

Drowsy Sleep Co has been somewhat of a gamechanger in a too-frequently encountered setting where sleep came secondary to the rest of life. As attention has swiftly turns to the importance of those precious 8 hours, Drowsy Sleep Co has been injecting effective luxury into the ritual of sleep, now adding an all-new Blue Belle colour to its ever-popular cult silk sleep mask range.

The masks themselves are masterfully crafted for maximum comfort that helps with that uninterrupted deep sleep. They’re large and soft with a cloud-like padding, created with 22 momme pure mulberry silk that’s 100% washable, hypoallergenic, and has the added benefit of being moisturising and breathable. There’s a total black-out design and a fully adjustable headstrap to provide the ultimate escape for weary eyes.

Priced at £69 (RRP), it really does feel like a steal. Its heavenly padding and ability to muffle sounds adds a spa-like aura. There’s skin benefits (amino acids in silk help to reduce aging), hair benefits (the smooth surface of silk reduces damage and split ends caused by friction), and health benefits (the naturally anti-fungal silk prevents asthma and eczema-producing allergens).

The new Blue Belle is just the latest addition to the ever-popular silk sleep mask rage, already comprising of shades including a deep Midnight Blue, an effortlessly classy Moonlight Shadow, and a sensual La Vie En Rouge. They are also available in Deep Sleep Collection bundles that consist of a bespoke silk carry pouch, and SOS deep sleep pillow spray, and indeed the luxury sleep mask itself.

Perfect for a full night of luxurious sleep or a deep 30-minute snooze, DROWSY ensures that every second spent is maximised – and we can vouch for that. That 8 hours’ sleep comfort in just half an hour? Bring it on.


The Blue Belle is priced at £69, and along with the rest of DROWSY Sleep Co’s range including pillowcases, candles, and sprays, it is available directly from DROWSY Sleep Co online, with selected products also available from Oliver Bonas.


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