Juliette Has A Gun Attracts a Sensual Summer with ‘Lust for Sun’

Juliette Has A Gun is no stranger to the edgy. An ode to Juliette, it’s a brand that’s daring and desirable, and embodies danger and indulgence as its signature. The latest addition, ‘Lust for Sun’, welcomes the summer with bold and fabulous notes, combining a light floral heart with a complex yet sophisticated base to form a truly irresistible headliner to this year’s summertime.

The sun is high in the azure sky. The swimming pool is clear blue. Juliette in heels just stepped in on stage. Show time! The pool is her theatre where she has the leading role. Her catwalk dominates with playfulness and sophistication. Her confidence is flawless. Sassy, feminine, provocative, even her flamingo can’t resist. Standing ovation. By the edge of the pool, a bottle of Lust for Sun: her signature fragrance.

The new Eau de Parfum is remarkably Juliette. It leads with a sweet mist of freesia, coconut, and bergamot, followed by floral ylang-ylang, orange blossom, and gardenia, leaving an alluring trail of vanilla, ambroxan, and musks at its base. The combination is soft yet magnetic, encouraging complete immersion into its playful story of dreamy decadence.

The bottle itself brings radiant warmth to any fragrance shelf. It reflects the yellow shades of a hot sun, enhanced with a dazzling metallic cap, while staying true to the signature gradient bottles bursting with colour and soul.

It’s the full package, and you can’t help going back for more. With versatile wearability and charming essence, Lust for Sun will become your signature summer scent as it has become ours.

As creator Romano Ricci remarks, “The summer will be bold and fabulous”.


Lust for Sun is priced at £125 (100ml), and is available to purchase from leading fragrance stockists including John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, and Sephora.



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