Skarlett Blue Champions Sensational Style & Perfect Fits Through Paris-inspired Lingerie Collections

Unapologetically sexy, with no compromises. This is the core essence Skarlett Blue was built upon, skilfully pioneered as such by real women, for real women.

A snippet of the incredible Paradise Collection

The trade-off between beauty and function is an intimately familiar dilemma for all women when it comes to lingerie. A lifetime of sacrificing quality for the sake of beauty, or elegance for the sake of comfortable fit, has inevitably left generations of real women alienated from endless lines of products and brands that supposed serve them.

Designed in NYC but inspired by fashion capitals of the world, Skarlett Blue breaks through industry norms, retaining a label of fashionable luxury while focussing its innovation efforts on quality, fit, and above all, comfort. The underlying belief that all bodies are ‘real’ bodies encourages the idea that just as women come in all shapes and sizes, gorgeous lingerie should too.

The Entice Lace Balconette bra is one of the brand’s most popular designs, and for very good reason. Retailing at roughly £66 and available across sizes and in a variety of colourways including Sangria, Lilac, and Morning Sky, the elegant trims that edge the delicate sheer fabric inject sensuality into the piece. With effortless hold from the brushed elastic at the underarm no matter what size, the seamless fit makes the Balconette bra a real must-have for any lingerie wardrobe for any occasion.

The inclusive ranges are available from size 30-40 A-H, with lace fabrics appearing in both rigid and stretch form for ultimate practicality and comfort. The sizes and versatile shapes aren’t simply just for wearability purposes – there’s a true understanding that confidence stems from great fitting and great feeling lingerie, making it equally about sentiment, emotion, and the space for self-expression.

The Dare Demi Cup Bra, retailing at roughly £50, is a great example of a piece that embodies the versatility and universal wear the brand represents. Both feminine and sexy, yet extra lightweight to support day-to-day wear, the dot lace overlays stretch foam pads for lift and shape, while the floral lace trims the open neckline to add elegance and indulgence to the highly practical piece.

There’s a meticulous focus on quality throughout the collections, too. The Pima Cotton used is sourced directly from Peru, and each Skarlett Blue piece comes with rose gold hardware as its signature. It’s details like that which empower the brand to lead the revolution of the modern fitting room experience, transforming it from one of anxious panic to a ritualistic moment of self-care, confidence, and comfort – along with a healthy dose of luxury.


You can read more about the brand, as well as shop the incredible collections, directly from Skarlett Blue, or from John Lewis both in-store and online.


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