Wilder Botanics Infuses Luxury Into Hand & Body Care with New Sacred Wash

The brand new Sacred Wash from Wilder Botanics beautifully enriches hand and body cleansing through invigorating organic ingredients and herbaceous notes for the ultimate addition to the self-care ritual.

Wilder Botanics is not just another product brand. Making use of herbs to rebalance and strengthen, it centres itself around holistic wellness using only the best carefully selected ingredients to create therapeutic, high-performance products to nourish both the body and soul.

Inspired by co-founder Rachel Landon’s 20 years of clinical practice as a naturopath and herbalist, and also her husband Charlie’s deep rooted curiosity and love of naturally derived formulations, the opening chapters of Wilder were born. With uniqueness in intention and sustainability at the heart of the brand and the bottles, 100% natural, organic, and careful wild crafted herbal ingredients are used, and fragrances for face and body are derived from only high quality essential oils.

The Sacred Wash (£30 with pump) for hand and body is formulated to gently cleanse without disrupting the natural microbiome, leaving skin feeling fresh, renewed, and restored. It contains extracts of herbaceous organic Tulsi and earthy Palo Santo, both energy-purifying herbs that also contain anti-inflammatory and gentle cleansing properties. The wash is also rich in skin rejuvenating vitamins A, C & K, supporting the skin’s optimum function.

And in each drop of its contents, there’s a story to be told. As with all Wilder product lines, it’s the old naturopathic techniques that harness this pleasurable balance, including those of infusing, macerating, drying, and tincturing – and keeping methodologies and tales alive for generations through the bottles.


You can find out more about Wilder Botanics, and shop the products including the incredible new Sacred Wash, right here.


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