Everyman Screen on the Green Turns Barbie Pink

Barbie-mania has unapologetically taken over London, and Everyman Cinema has embraced its spirit by transforming its Angel venue especially for the occasion.

Everyman is delighted to have brought a splash of Barbieland to Islington with its new colourful look, following the Barbie movie release on 21st July.

The cinema is famed for redefining cinema, bringing an innovative lifestyle approach to its venues where cinema-goers can swap their soft drinks for a glass of red wine and a slice of freshly made pizza served straight to their seats.

Everyman is more than just about the screen, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere, with an excellent food and drink selection and fantastic customer service. With a wide array of mainstream, independent and classic films, special events, launches and a diverse calendar of live satellite broadcasts, there is something for everyone at Everyman.


Now, however, the protagonist is Barbie – you can book to see Barbie now at Everyman venues nationwide right here.


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