Terry de Havilland Channels Era of Iconic Fashion in AW23 Urban Nights Collection

Terry de Havilland is no stranger to boundless creativity. Frequently seen on the world’s A-Listers, from fashion icons to super-rockstars, and regularly gracing our screens from Sex and the City to Emily in Paris, the AW23 Urban Nights collection continues the brand’s legacy of eclectic show-stoppers and versatile, timeless pieces.

Style: River 70s Brown

The new collection transports wearers and spectators alike to an era of iconic fashion, drawing inspiration from the unique fashion scenes of 70s New York and London. It encapsulates vintage style by paying homage to the time when fashion knew no bounds, and self-expression was celebrated. Each design reflects the spirit of the era, while seamlessly blending with today’s urban fashion landscape.

Style: Lena Non Stop Party

The array of new styles make for a perfect addition to the winter wardrobe, offering versatile ankle boots, statement knee-high boots, and platform block heels that truly elevate the style game.

The fabrics and leathers that make up the masterpieces are meticulously curated, heavily drawing on the essence of iconic 70’s locations such as New York, Brooklyn, Soho, and London. The result is a rich and dynamic palette that reflects the energy and diversity of these legendary urban landscapes.

Style: Aria New York 70s

The Urban Nights collection is full of pieces that are designed to turn heads and leave a lasting impression. They feature bold colours, unique textures, and eye-catching details, possessing the unique ability to either storm and steal the show, or entirely redefine an outfit depending on their wear.

Whether it be a chic city brunch with River, a crisp autumnal walk with Val, or a glamorous night out with Lillita, the Terry de Havilland signature style makes each occasion an unforgettable one.


Step into the vibrant world of urban fashion and shop Terry de Havilland’s Urban Nights Collection online here, or find select styles at Wolf and Badger both in store and online here.


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