Burger & Lobster Create Culinary Controversy with Crosstown Collaboration

Burger & Lobster Create Culinary Controversy with Crosstown Collaboration

Burger & Lobster are no strangers to pushing culinary boundaries with their creative collaborations and innovative inspirations. Their latest partnership with Crosstown has led to the unveiling of arguably the most controversial menu item yet – the Premium Glazed Doughnut Burger.

When two worlds collide, the ultimate sweet and savoury collaboration is born. Move over chicken on waffles, melon and prosciutto and watermelon and feta salads, this new flavour combination hitting the streets of London.

This month the capital's favourite home of surf and turf Burger & Lobster and premium doughnut creators Crosstown have conceived an unexpected dish to their menus for a limited time only, which poses the question - can doughnuts and burgers exist together in one plate?

The partnership will make for an exciting and no doubt controversial combination to be enjoyed by fans of London's buzzing food scene, as the new burger features Crosstown's very own classic sourdough doughnuts. The limited-edition doughnut burger will consist of three prime-cut smashed beef patties, fried red onion, crispy smoked bacon and tangy blue cheese, served in Crosstown's Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze doughnut featuring their signature fluffy sourdough base.

The ring-shaped alternative to your humble brioche, the dough is hand-dipped in a light and creamy Tongan vanilla bean glaze and decorated with a chocolate cross. The dish will be served with B&L's signature crispy fries and ranch dressing and will be available to guests at just £20.

Misha Zelman, CEO and Founder at  Burger & Lobster Restaurant Group comments:

'Partnering with the team at Crosstown was something that we are all excited about. What seems like an odd combination of products makes total sense from a culinary point of view. We all love sweet and savoury combinations and this is something that is going to delight everyone with how well these flavours work together.'

Howard Ebison, CEO at Crosstown shared:

'The Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze doughnut has been on Crosstown's line-up since the brand's inception. Being able to reimagine such a staple, creating the perfect sweet and savoury doughnut burger has been such an exciting experience.'


The indulgent new offering will be available in all nine Burger & Lobster locations across the capital from 25th October 2023 for a limited time only and will also be available on Deliveroo from the 1st of November.


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