World’s Best Steak Restaurants right now

A trues carnivore's guide to the World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants out there, both national and international has been revealed by the World’s Best Steaks.


The 20 best steak restaurants in the world at the moment are:

  1. Parrilla Don Julio, Buenos Aires
  2. Bodega el Capricho, Jiménez de Jamuz
  3. Margaret, Sydney
  4. Cote, New York
  5. Carcasse, Koksijde
  6. I Due Cippi, Saturnia
  7. Laia Erretegia, Hondarribia
  8. Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sydney
  9. AG, Stockholm
  10. Cut at 45 Park Lane, London
  11. Victor Churchill, Melbourne
  12. Hawksmoor, Dublin
  13. Casa Julián, De Tolosa, Tolosa
  14. Asador Bastian, Chicago
  15. Los 33, Madrid
  16. Amaren, Bilbao
  17. Steer Dining Room, Melbourne
  18. Lana, Madrid
  19. Regina Bistecca, Florence
  20. Elisa, Vancouver


However, if you are not a fan of travel, your local London ones that made the list are:

10. Cut at 45 Park Lane, London, Executive chef Elliott Grover

27. Dorian in Notting Hill, head chef Max Coen

28. Aragawa in Mayfair, chef Kazuo Imayoshi

41. Beast in Marylebone, chef Lucas Rangel Da Cunha

55. Goodman Steakhouse in Mayfair, chef Tim Delaney

74. Lutyens Grill at The Ned, chef Lee Kebble

76. Temper Restaurant, Shoreditch, chef David Lagonell

97. Guinea Grill in Mayfair, chef Thiago Brigi


The World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants has been set up in 2019, and a strict quality criteria applies regarding ‘taste, terroir, character, marbling, cut and preparation’ of the meat in order for a restaurant to qualify onto the list.


Some of our personal favourites are Flat Iron, STK, Gaucho, Smokestack (Shoreditch) and Temper (Shoreditch).

Which ones are yours?


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