Taste Film Serves Up the Ultimate Cinephile Dining Experience

Londoners love immersive experiences, and the city offers no shortage of them. However, if there’s one that wins the award for the must-try of the season, it’s Taste Film is it. The unique concept allows guests to watch what they eat (and indeed eat what they watch), fusing two of life’s greatest pleasures – fine food and drink with iconic films – delivering a creative, engaging, and downright delicious experience for its enthralled audience.

One for cinephiles and foodies alike, Taste Film transports its audience into the world of their favourite movies through a feast of food and drink inspired by, and timed to, key events during the screening. From the whimsical delights of Ratatouille to the high-fashion allure of The Devil Wears Prada, guests becoming participants in the magic as iconic scenes and hallmark moments are brought to life on the screen and on the plate.

While many food-centric immersive experiences falter by prioritizing activity over food quality (and quantity), Taste Film excels. It serves up truly mouthwatering takes on dishes as they appear on the screen, along with elegantly crafted cocktails, both as Instagrammable as they are satisfying. Special mentions go to Parlour’s juicy take on the ‘Chevy Cubano’ during Chef, and the decadently rich Bruce Cake during Matilda lives up to its legendary reputation.

Founded in 2017 by former film studies teacher Amy Fernando, Taste Film was born from the belief that serving food during key movie moments could bring audiences closer to their favorite characters and stories. After watching an iconic cooking scene in Goodfellas, Amy launched Taste Film’s debut event—a culinary screening of Goodfellas at a cozy Italian restaurant in North London. The event was an instant hit, captivating guests with its unique blend of cinema and cuisine. Over the past few years, videos of delighted fans have gone viral, solidifying Taste Film’s status as a social media sensation and the ultimate destination for foodies and film buffs alike.

Upcoming screenings include Beauty and the Beast and Pulp Fiction. The latest exciting addition to the listings is Mamma Mia, showing from 10th to 14th and 17th to 21st June, Mon to Fri. It promises to whisk watchers away to Greece with a heartwarming and humorous storyline, ABBA’s greatest hits, and of course, a Greek-inspired feast that includes gems like ‘Thank You for the Mus-akka’, ‘Lay All Your Lox On Me’, and ‘When All is Said and Sundae’.

Taste Film events take place across two London venues, Parlour in Kensal Rise and The Refinery in Moorgate. Two movies are screened per month, with showings most afternoons and evenings. Prices range from £80 to £100 depending on screening, and include a multi-course mean with two drinks. You can view the upcoming listings here.

Amy Fernando has delivered a real treat to London that is refreshingly unique, excelling in delivery, and positively unforgettable for its guests. As far as entertaining activities around London go, Taste Film may just be one for the top of the list.

You can find out more about Taste Film, scroll through its listings, and book your tickets online right here.

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