Discarded Spirits And Tony’s Chocolonely Partner With The Alchemist To Launch A Fully Edible Zero Waste Cocktail: The Banana Split

This June, zero-waste-inspired spirits brand Discarded Spirits Co. teams up with innovative and purpose-driven chocolate brand Tony’s Chocolonely to create the ultimate zero-waste, totally decadent, and fully edible limited-edition cocktail at The AlchemistThe Banana Split.


The latest addition to The Alchemist’s Edible Cocktail Menu features Discarded Spirits Co.'s award-winning Banana Peel Rum, Banana Liqueur, Strawberry Puree, and Tony’s Chocolate Housemade Oat Milk, made in an edible Stroodle Cup and is topped with a vanilla cream foam, sea salt, a cherry, and a delicious banana-shaped Tony’s chocolate garnish made from broken chocolate segments.

The Alchemist’s mission in sustainability has brought these three brands together.  The collaboration with Discarded Spirits Co. and Tony’s Chocolonely champions delectable taste while embodying what it means to reverse needless waste and bring circularity into the food and drink space. In line with The Alchemist’s Waste Not Want Not ethos, the Banana Split has been crafted with innovative ingredients from surplus and waste products and will be an unforgettable experience for eco-savvy chocolate lovers.


Jenny McPhee, Brand Director at The Alchemist, said: "The sustainability factor is at the forefront of all our business decisions, so we’ve loved collaborating with Tony’s Chocolonely and Discarded Spirits Co. to bring this cocktail experience to life."


Calum Fraser, Brand Ambassador of Discarded Spirits Co., "We’re super excited to collaborate with The Alchemist and Tony’s Chocolonely on this delicious zero-waste cocktail. Both share many of the same values as Discarded and this purposeful partnership aligns with our mission to inspire the creative repurposing of otherwise discarded ingredients.”


Lucy Scott, Partnerships Manager at Tony's Chocolonely, added: "We’re on a mission to improve supply chains and put sustainability at the centre of the conversation. By partnering with Discarded and using our chocolate for the edible serve, we're getting creative with waste while creating positive change." 



When: 3rd June to 30th June 2024

Where: across all of The Alchemist’s 23 sites nationwide

Price: £13 in London and £12 outside of London and tickets can be booked here

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