PIXI Glow Tonic Turns 22


Today is the celebration of glow tonic because Pixi turned 22 year...young in September and glow tonic was in their very first collection of skincare that they ever launched so the product also turned 22 this month.

The brand launched skincare exactly four weeks after the very first time they opened the doors to the very first Pixi boutique and this is where it all started for them. They curated a collection of "glow" which was all about hydration and health of the skin as well as...the glow.

The glow cleanser is aloe vera based and fossilised algae nutrients which leave the skin immaculately clean but also really soft and supple so this product can be used either as a morning cleanser or after the makeup remover, after an oil and then as a second cleanse. Double cleansing in the way forward.  

Glow tonic was a really unusual and rare product, it started off as a cold secret and over the years it gained popularity untill now when it’s become a global best-seller because it is gentle but super effective so it is like the best of both.

Here you have the star ingredients: the glycolic acid (unrefined pure raw sugar cane) – the active ingredient, then the base of aloe vera which is super hydrating, soothing and cushions the skin, gynseng - an antioxidant which protects the skin and pure witchhazel, so when you put them all together you have magic, the Harry Potter of skincare.

So you have this formula which works very quickly because the sugar cane (the glycolic) is a very small molecule so works really quickly so it gives you the results, you get that gentle exfoliation, but, because of the hydrating base, it kind of cocoons the skin with moisture. Then, you have the power of ginseng which protects the skin and the witchhazel which refreshes, so when you put all of that together you have something that works quickly, it gives you hydration and that famous glow. And that is where it all started from, from simplicity. Sometimes the most simple things are the best because they are perfect and they don’t need changing. 

The overnight serum is glyceryin which is plant based and retains moisture in the skin, there is aloe vera, cucumber so it cocoons the skin with moisture but because it has the glycolic acid it improves the texture so you can use it maybe once or twice a week like a booster treatment, whenever you feel like your skin looks a little dull, dry or papery. You get instant results as it has revitalising properties as well and an extract of arginine which calms and soothes the redness in the skin, therefore these are the ultimate booster. You would open this whenever you wanted to make it work, when you have an event and you don’t necessarily want makeup, you just want your skin to look on point, this is the one. For 10-15 minutes just work the serum into the skin and you will see...magic.

The glow mist is the original mist that they ever developed which is about moisture so you can use it wherever, on the face, body, hair, just for that extra kind of hydration, moisture and also glow. 

The word glow was not used frequently in beauty 22 years ago, people were really into mat so when Pixi launched it, it was like the salmon swimming against the stream and now everyone is into it. We are proud of how popular they are. 

Becasue they are independent, they never had to listen to other people, to all those pretentious critics within the industry, or copy others, they had a freedom and independence which is rare within the industry, so they did things the Pixi way: worked in the lab until they were 100% happy with the product before launching, that is how they’ve grown. they listen to their customers, they do things differently, like a brand for rebels, you had a place where you could be yourself rather than conforming to other ideals. 

Pixi was set up by Petra and her sisters and the first two products were the sheer cheek gel/tint and the glow tonic. 

The hype can only go so far if the product didn’t perform, people would buy it once and tell others, but Pixi never paid for content nor advertising, always been holistic with their growth so they've acquired fame by having products that really work. 

The moment you walk in to the store you are greeted and you feel like you are part of the Pixi family. The store offers all the luxury details and aesthetically pleasing details, no elitist environment, but the price point shocks when you look at the ingredients, the formulation. They are sacrificing the profits, putting every penny ever made back into the formulations and into the brand. They can create the products that they do because they understand that the secret is the efficacy of the juice that is in the product rather than the packaging. With a beautiful packaging sometimes the formulations does not measure up and you end up with an inferior product in beautiful packaging. 

Stay true, Pixi, and Happy birthday!

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