Orange Square Hosts Luxurious Fragrance Journey Through Scent Street

Orange Square Hosts Luxurious Fragrance Journey Through Scent Street

Orange Square might just be the voice of knowledge the world of fragrance needs. This week, the UK’s leading niche and luxury perfume distributor hosted ‘Scent Street’, a spectacular multi-sensory journey through some of their most creative and beloved brands. We had the pleasure of delving into the unique stories, the science, and the characters behind these exceptional creations.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choice in luxury fragrance, or even how to begin that new journey of discovery. The landscape is option-saturated, frequently with extravagant marketing campaigns ranging from wild to wholly incompatible.

With Orange Square, it’s simple – it is about the finest, most authentic, and most excellent brands and noses, which create legacies to meet the consumer’s desire for luxury. A true, reliable convoy for the story and experience, with an impressive portfolio ranging from Creed to Caron, and several notable brands spotlighted in this journey.


If you haven’t come across Mizensir yet, the Swiss Craft House is as close as you can come to perfection. The exquisite formulations take inspiration from founder Alberto Morilla’s Geneva gardens – apparent in his preference for fresh and natural ingredients such as citrus and sweet flowers. There is a powerful transporting quality in all of Mizensir’s perfumes that is a reflection of his balance between faithfulness to his imagination and profound reflection.

Solar Blossom is a consumer favourite and our stand-out, with a vanilla base, a heart of jasmine and orange blossom, and top notes of neroli essence. It is delicately sweet, with a balance of intense freshness and warmth that gently elevates the fragrance – and is a great entry point to the brand itself. Très Chere is also a notable choice. It offers a powerfully magical scent, remaining true to the orange, jasmine, and vanilla undercurrents, but capturing the spirit of mystery through sandalwood and sea notes.

The brand is also synonymous with luxury candles, the Rose Blanche Scented Candle being a fantastic example of this. Inspired by one of Morillas’s favourite flowers, the velvety rose scent combines with a light hint of pepper to introduce a unique but intimately familiar appeal. As far as luxury gifting goes, this is one to keep on the shortlists.

Parle Moi de Parfum

Parle Moi de Parfum is another exceptional force in the perfume universe. The brand was established by Benjamin Almairac, son of master perfumer Michel Almairac, and a remains family-centred business. The approach is creatively formulaic, mentally unravelling tones and proportions in scents and stories Almairac wishes to deliver. The bottles display a number, indicating the number of attempts it took Almairac to develop the perfect final fragrance contained within – a remarkable touch connecting the consumer with the creation process.

Une Tonne De Roses is a collection favourite, offering notes of rose and patchouli. While heavily rose-based, it delivers a subtlety in sweetness that allows for an accessible yet elegantly indulgent fragrance. Woody Perfecto is also a notable choice, opening the world of woody scents to an audience that may not usually gravitate towards it. With notes of coffee, vetiver, and leather, it conveys grounded freedom, sophistication, and accomplishment – fitting, as the ‘107’ on the label implies it took Almairac over 100 attempts to perfect!

Juliette has a Gun

Inspiration for this Parisian fragrance house stemmed from founder (and great-grandson of Nina Ricci) Roman Ricci’s vision of a Shakespearean heroine Juliette in modern times, using perfume as a metaphorical weapon for seduction – and as a symbol for feminine power. The brand is playful, abstract, and accessible, yet delivers on class and quality. The playfulness of the designs as well as the humour in the namings make the brand a unique addition to any perfume lover’s collection.

Vanilla Vibes offers an immediate sensual journey to summertime. It delivers a top note of Fleur de sel (salt), with a vanilla and orchid heart, and sandalwood, tonka bean, musk, and benzoin bottom notes. It’s daring and full of delight, and exudes feminine freedom and the pleasure that effortlessly embodies the brand. A perfect fit for the spring run-up and beyond.

A perfume with a strong character comes in the shape of Mad Madame, a provocative and charismatic fragrance with an immediate attention-grabbing aura – unsurprising, with opening notes of rose oxyde, blackcurrant bud, and freesia accord. The floral heart of peony, patchouli, and tuberose follow to make way for the musky vanilla base notes, creating an erratic yet exciting adventure that is very apt for Ricci’s creation. The fragrance also comes in a spectacular red and black bottle, making it an aesthetic joy as well as an olfactory one.

Juliette has a Gun is not just about perfume – there are candles, toiletries such as handwashes and lotions, and diffusers, all wittily named (‘Not A Hand Lotion’, ‘Not A Candle’). There is an abundance of scents and products to discover within the brand, which makes this an ideal match for fragrance fans that like to loyally discover within brands they love.

Of course, there is a lot more in Orange Square’s portfolio than just this. For further exploration, we recommend Maison Crivelli’s Hibiscus Mahajad for a charming hibiscus/rose floral duo that contrasts with leather and the softness of vanilla beans, and Santal Blond by Atelier Materi for a sophisticated amber, woody fragrance with a warm and smoky air.


There’s an excellence and an elegance in our discoveries with Orange Square, driven by the vividness and clarity in the notes, the delicateness of their balance, and the unique stories and skills that inform the approach to the art of perfume. Whether it’s the playfulness of Juliette Has A Gun or the perfection in Mizensir, while the notes from the treasured bottles are the same for all, the sentiments and tales that are heard are truly your own – as is the power it gives you to make lifelong memories from them.





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