Safer Practice Ambassador Scheme & Gamechanging Lip Genius® Set To Revolutionise Aesthetics Industry

A new, unrivalled lip filler technique has launched today that is set to transform the aesthetics industry. Putting safety, precision, and scientific aptitude into practice, Professor Catherine Hughes-Hobbs introduces the perfect, automated system for administering dermal fillers – with unrivalled results. The secret? Removing the variables of risk.

Generally, lip fillers and aesthetic procedures have a bad name. It is almost expected in this lucrative industry that financial gain sits as a primary objective, with health and technical ability falling behind. The media has certainly played a role in this, saturating pages with anecdotes and sensationalist imagery of quick procedures gone wrong – but unregulated practitioners are also to blame, maintaining outdated and sometimes dangerous methodologies and equipment, and neglecting the ongoing educational responsibilities.

Professor Catherine Hughes-Hobbs has been working tirelessly to tackle industry wide issues head on. The innovative Lip Genius® solution to the industry was born out of frustration she witnessed seeing the stark rise in so called ‘botched job’ treatments that were tarnishing the aesthetics industry.  A startling 33% of complications following dermal fillers needed further intervention by a practitioner, many of which could have caused life-changing injuries if not treated quickly.

“With Lip Genius® we know we have found an effective solution and we are confident that this is going to pave the way for a safer industry; a more confident industry and an industry that won’t be tarnished with the horror stories we have been seeing over the years.”

The Lip Genius® technique is the culmination of many years of market research, trial, and rigorous testing with Professor Hughes-Hobbs’ team of Lipology experts. The key, they found, was removing three crucial variables with the highest propensity to introduce risk if executed incorrectly:

  • Dosage – the automated syringe controls the quantity of filler to be delivered at the push of a trigger
  • Needle – a smaller and safer 4mm needle replaces the 13mm currently used, designed to penetrate the skin but not reach as far as to damage important blood vessels below
  • Human focus – practitioners can concentrate on needle position rather than dosage or depth, safe in the knowledge that their control lie in the trigger mechanism.

This innovative treatment gives the Practitioners peace of mind that the risks of complications such as vascular occlusion resulting from injection of hyaluronic acid gel filler, which practitioners report being the most fearful of, are significantly reduced. It also launches in collaboration with some of the UK’s leading insurance providers who are so confident in the new technique, they offer all those trained in its use a reduced rate on their policy.

Datapoints on aesthetic treatments. Since development, research has shown that patients feel happier with the results of Lip Genius®, 100% of which felt comfortable and with no adverse reactions – and that all practitioners trained in its use had their confidence restored.

In conjunction, Professor Catherine Hughes-Hobbs also launches the Safer Practice Ambassador scheme, to spearhead a campaign for safety in the currently unregulated aesthetics industry. The accreditation is synonymous with safety, and not only ensures its practitioners are fully trained, but that they are randomly spot-checked throughout the year to ensure consistency, quality, and adherence to the stringent standard to enable them to remain on the register.

The hope is that the scheme will become the industry norm in the absence of governmental regulation, so both consumers have education and peace of mind in choosing their practitioner, and clinics can proudly display the accreditation as a badge of honour that will become a ‘go-to’ salon for patients.

Long overdue is an initiative such as the Safer Practice Ambassador scheme. With consumer safety at heart, and a laser-focus on maintaining immaculate standards, we expect the industry to adopt this eagerly. Along with Lip Genius®, the new developments in the world of aesthetics are exciting ones, and Professor Catherine Hughes-Hobbs is already making spectacular waves. You can read more about it all here.  





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