Gen See Promotes Transparency in Beauty World with ‘Clean’ High Performing Makeup Range

Gen See is one of those rarities where you really can judge a book by its cover – in this case, it’s clean, sustainable, high-performing cover that is responsibly sourced and looks so impeccable, it has captured the attention of an entire industry. Its contents are, if anything, even better. With a new collection of clean cosmetics with a ‘wow’ factor, this is a name we have no doubt you’ll be hearing a lot more from.

The brand is one of joy, aiming to spark smiles through its colours, formulas, and ethics alike. The collection is therefore small by design. Rather than creating tens or hundreds of products and corresponding shades in a wasteful manner, the focus was on getting the basics completely right before iterating on their success for a wider offering – and from that, making it a no-brainer for consumers to want to swap out to clean makeup options.

From the lip colours to the eye shadows, the shades Gen See has developed so far are distinct from one another and accomplish coverage in usability, while offering high-quality performance rivalled only by top-tier cosmetics frontrunners that achieve this through trade-off between ethics and function. Here, the answer is lightweight and easy, and maintains the professional-grade status that’s challenging to achieve.

A collection favourite is the Mixed Media Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow. Emitting a molten metal feel, they have astounding versatility in how they can be applied, whether as a thick coat of deep pigmented colour, or as a sheered out look with a thinner application and brush. The product also works brilliantly as a metallic liner, using a fine brush to apply the liquid on top of a dark pencil to create a stunning contrast in colour and texture. It comes in Copper, Pink Champagne, and Dirty Gold, and retails at £19. For such a striking end result, we think this is an absolute steal.

The Lip Matte Lipsticks are also standouts from the collection, again offering a highly pigmented tone in a non-drying, comfortable formulation with impressive staying power. There’s two natural waxes combined with a synthetic beeswax for extra precision in application, while dry oils allow for a smooth texture and even tone throughout the wear. There’s True Red, Orange Red, Warm Rosie Pink, and Brownish Neutral shades to choose from – for us, the Warm Rosie Pink (a.k.a. ‘Rosie 03’) offers a perfect everyday colour for most skin tones, and transitions perfectly into the evening with an application of Gen See’s Clean Sheen Lip Gloss.

Born out of an unwavering determination to live and breathe transparency, Gen See doesn’t do anything by halves. In an industry that frequently finds itself conflicted in the balance between social responsibility and product effectiveness, the brains behind the brand made the decision to change the game. Taking an iterative approach to product development, the brand is able to satisfy its unwillingness to sacrifice performance, while maintaining cruelty-free, vegan, and responsible formulations and packaging.

Gen See, in the spirit of transparency, acknowledges that it is not yet perfect, stating very clearly the percentage of packaging made from recycle materials, and the percentage of the formula of natural origin. As the product development grows, so will these numbers, and along with them the breadth of products that will continue to bring joy through helping us look and do good. And we can’t wait to see what new treats Gen See have in the works for us.

Gen See’s new collection is now available in the UK, and can be found directly from Gen See online.



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