Join Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Haus Pop-Up In Covent Garden for her first-ever ANTI-INFLAMMATORY WORKSHOP

Immerse yourself into the world of molecular skincare and anti-inflammatory philosophy

This one is for the skincare addicts and connoisseurs: the sought-after products from Dr. Barbara Sturm will be available to enjoy in an immersive pop-up experience.

The STURM HAUS will offer a series of panel talks with fellow industry experts, workshops, and a masterclass focused on skincare and mindfulness, plus the chance to meet Dr. Barbara Sturm herself.


General Admission perks:

  • STURM POST newspaper
  • Skin consultations
  • STURM Photo & GIF Booth
  • Anti-inflammatory juices & supplements
  • Play to win with the STURM Claw Machine
  • STURM tote bag & skincare treats
  • Express facial treatments
  • Digital skin analyzer (Powered by VISIA)
  • Product Discovery Table
  • Skin Tea Bar
  • Exclusive spa voucher
  • Exclusive partner offers


When: 27th - 28th January 2023, 11am - 8pm
Where: The Stables, 40 Earlham Street, London WC2H 9LH

Tickets: General admission to the event is free but you can buy tickets to the workshop starting from £40 here


As major beauty fans ourselves, we recommend the Acne & Blemish Prone Skin Masterclass.

Dr. Barbara Sturm and Charly Sturm will co-host this masterclass alongside Mata Marielle, make-up artist, Lola Clark, and Tik Tok sensation, to discuss make-up tips and tricks, the best approach to treat blemish-prone skin, holistic anti-inflammatory health and the future of skincare science.

Learn about the causes of acne, treating scars and pigmentation, how to prevent inflammation and irritation through healing skincare-science, and developing confidence in your skin.

Your ticket is redeemable in full against Dr. Barbara Sturm products at the event or at Dr. Sturm’s Mount St. Spa & Boutique until 31st March 2023 and gives you access to:

  • Product gift from Dr. Sturm – worth up to £250
  • Reserved seat alongside Dr. Barbara Sturm & special guests
  • 60-minute in-depth expertise & education on your chosen subject
  • Q&A session with expert panelists
  • Priority booking of express facial treatments*


Insights on acne with Dr. Strum:

Inflammation can cause immune disease and also affects the skin causing breakouts. Diet, stress, no sleep, pollution, sun, UV from our phones are the culprits for skin damage and acne. Other problems could be hormonal changes (in teenagers or menopause), dairy, processed meat, so these come from our inner side.
Pollution, for example, can cause acne because is very aggressive and causes inflammation.
To address it we need to find products that will hydrate our skin (products such as Clearasil will dry it out). If our skin is dry it destroys our skin barrier. You wouldn't time out an injured child, you would love him and nurture him and just like that, if our skin is broken /damaged, we need to love it not come in with aggressive ingredients. We need to identify the reason and get the cure.
If we cannot get our acne under control and we try changing our diet and lifestyle for more than 5 weeks but it doesn't work then we need to go to the doctor, to prescript Accutane, antibiotics, etc and then stay on a good skincare routine.
All these ingredients used in beauty products in general are amazing but it really needs to be in the right formulation and the right concentration.
In terms of diet, Charly Sturm advises to avoid alcohol and dairy, for example. But this all depends on each person. The supplements are a great way to add to your diet (to put in smoothies, oatmeal, etc) as well as recovery food because it has zinc which is good to fight internally with acne.
The best practices to remove make-up and what to apply after - By Mata Marielle, make-up artist:
First you start with Dr Strum cleansing balm and you massage into the skin and leave on for 10min to get the best result, then wash it off using Dr Strum facial foam cleanser, then go in with the enzyme cleanser (fabulous product, comes as a powder and you mix with water and create like a mask and leave for 10 min, once you take it off your face will look brand new).
Micellar water is also good. And remember to hug your skin, be kind and soft to it, don't exfoliate like crazy, be gentle and smooth, also pat your face dry don't rub.
The best Dr Strum serum is the hyaluronic serum, is incredible, you can pat it into the skin gently, get the calming serum and put into the skin, then the rich cream if you like a lot of moisture. Because London is so cold the skin dries out so quickly. Furthermore, the cold pushes the pollution more into the air so we need protection and moisture.
Leave products on the skin for longer, even if it's just for 5 min but do try to stretch to 10min and let the skincare do it's thing, take your time and turn a product that is not a mask into a mask to get results.
finally, the hydrating mist is fabulous for touch ups. Dr Strum glow drops also work for moisture over makeup.
Lola Clark advises on skin confidence:
Do a morning and night routine and it will change your life. Barbara's skin journey will change your skin, products such as the toner will firm your skin while the good sea and the brightening serum will really help overall.
TIPS by Dr Strum and fellow experts:
  • don't use makeup wipes
  • don't apply pressure
  • keep your brushes clean (every 2 uses)
  • use silk pillow case and change it every week or every day if you have acnee
  • clean phone screen
  • less is more, tone it down a bit, try less, sometimes we just do too much
  • listen to your skin and react accordingly
  • consistency is key
  • follow a morning and night routine so your skin gets balance.


Now, you are ready to glow, gorgeous! Courtesy of Dr. Barbara Sturm.






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