Uhuru, the Spirit Brand with African Wildlife Conservation at Heart of its Mission

Uhuru is a spirits brand with a conscience. Its origins a passion project with a purpose, it delivers outstanding premium products, while dedicating itself to supporting wildlife conservation in Africa with its rum and whisky by donating 10% of its net profits to Tusk.

Uhuru started with a trip to Africa and a young ambitious bottler. John, wildlife enthusiast and the Co-Founder of Young Spirits, fell in love with African wildlife during his first of many summer holidays in the Kenyan sun. That’s where his childhood adventures searching for his favourite animals turned into a passion for conservation and eventually a passion project named Uhuru.

Uhuru is created and bottled by the team at Youngs Spirits, an Edinburgh based bottling and spirits company with years of expertise in the drinks industry. All of Uhuru’s spirits are perfect for sipping straight or mixing in a delicious cocktail. The Uhuru range includes Rum and Whisky, which are great for safari inspired cocktails designed to complement the drinkers’ sense of adventure.

It’s not just about the great taste, top quality, and ability to be enjoyed anywhere and anytime with Uhuru - every spirit also comes in a beautiful and distinctive bottle, designed by artist, tattooer and fellow wildlife conservationist Paul Petroianu. The artistic aesthetic makes for a perfect addition to the spirit shelf, and a fantastic gift for rum and whisky enthusiasts and strong conservation supporters alike.

Uhuru Rum (£39.99)

This is an XO Golden Rum from the Caribbean. After soaking up the tropical heat, the cask was transported to the Youngs Spirits bottling house to end the maturation process at 44%. This bottle of Uhuru Rum is filled with flavours of buttery toffee and fruity sweetness, balanced with unfolding oaky notes.

Uhuru Whisky (£44.99)

A 10-year-old blended malt Scotch Whisky, this cask was chosen for its perfect balance of sweet vs smoke. The product is also really special because it is the only Scotch whisky to undergo micro maturation. The drink is first filled into Hudson baby bourbon casks, enabling intense rapid maturation. The liquid is then transferred into virgin, first fill casks. This creates a beautiful colour and flavour, perfect for drinking anytime, anywhere.


You can purchase Uhuru Rum (£39.99) and Uhuru Whisky (£44.99), as well as learn more about and support Tusk, on the Uhuru website right here.


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